EUREM is a standardised European EnergyManager training program comprising courses, self-learning and practical work, combined with access to a European alumni network for continued knowledge exchange.

During the course, on average, each EnergyManager develops measures with savings potentials of 600 MWh/a for their company. Participants learn to describe the technical and financial aspects of their measures in a standardised and concise way, to facilitate decisions at management level. On average about 75% of these measures get implemented and further ones are carried out later on.

Developed in a SAVE II project in 2003-2005 and developed further partly with the help of EU and nationally funded programmes, partly with the training providers’ own resources, the course has been offered regularly since then (currently in 27 countries world-wide) counting now more than 5,000 alumni. They work mainly in industry and as energy consultants/auditors, but also in the service and public sectors.

Project objectives:

The project EUREMnext aims at making this program available more widely, to allow more persons to become qualified/accredited experts or upgrade their knowledge and skills, if they already are. This and the ancillary support activities contribute to increasing the quality of energy audit results and ultimately the energy efficiency and competitiveness of the trainees’ companies or (in the case of external consultants/auditors) their clients.

The main elements are:

  • transfering the training to 6 new countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia and Turkey) and regions, where it is difficult to establish without support for preparatory work; run the first pilot course and achieve national accreditation/recognition.
  • increasing usefulness and attractiveness with new elements including: revamped curriculum and training materials linked more closely to the energy audit process and standards and with a strengthened focus on financial topics, a tool to facilitate energy audits and evaluate more complex measures in industry, and more distance-learning options to save travel time and cost.
  • developing and piloting add-on implementation support activities for those trainees that need in-depth support beyond the scope of the training or want to go into even more detail. (Coaching sessions on project financing and energy audit implementation “on the case”, “Quality label” for energy concepts, verification of implementation of measures, networking/awareness raising activities aimed at the financial sector.)
  • conducting communication and outreach activities

EUREMnext has started in March 2018. This three year project is carried out by a consortium of 13 partners, headed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Nuremberg, and it is funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme of the European Commission.