10th International Conference for European EnergyManagers

30th September / 1st October 2020, Athens, Greece

Conference Documentation

Thank you for participating in this year’s online conference!

Conference Day 1

Wednesday, 30th September  2020

13:00 Opening Speeches
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Athanasios Kelemis
Managing Director, German Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DGIHK),
Athens, Greece
Dr. Spyros Economou
President & General Director, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES),
Pikermi Attiki, Greece

Opening Speech to EUREM

Dr. Robert Schmidt
EUREM Speaker and Head of EUREM Steering Committee, c/o Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Nuremberg)
Nuremberg, Germany

13:30 Workshop A – Energy Management / Energy Audits
14:25 Short break
14:30 Workshop  B  –  Renewables in Business
15:25 Short break
15:30 Workshop C – Air Conditioning and Cooling
16:30 End of first Conference day

Conference Day 2

Thursday, 1st October 2020

10:00 Workshop D – Compressed Air
10:55 Short break
11:00 Workshop E – Digitaliziation and Energy
11:55 Short break

Greece in the New Green Deal Era

Alexandra Sdoukou
General Secretary for Energy and Natural Resources,

Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy,
Athens, Greece

12:10 Dr. Vincent Berrutto
Head of Energy Unit, T
he Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), European Commission,
Brussels, Belgium


guided by Stefan Schmidt
Managing Director of EUREM GmbH, c/o Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Nuremberg),
Nuremberg, Germany


Closing Speech

Dr. Stephan Schwarzer
Deputy Speaker EUREM Providers Consortium, c/o Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO),
Vienna, Austria

13:00 Final end of Conference

Workshop A

Energy Management / Energy Audits

Moderation: Boris Sucic, Ljubljana, Slovenia (Jožef Stefan Institute)

Installation of new LED Luminaires in Super Market stores

Giorgos Karampatos
Athens, Greece

Εnergy audit, certification and monitoring of buildings

Prof. Ing. PhD. Dušan Petráš
Slovak technical University,
Bratislava, Slovakia

Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency – Motor Driven Systems

Jukka Tolvanen
Aumaen Oy
Helsinki, Finland

Workshop B

Renewables in Business          

  Moderation: Christoph Petri, Berlin, Germany (Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag e.V. (DIHK))

PVs Operational Commissioning

Adamopoulos Alexios
Athens, Greece


Installation of photovoltaic power plant on the roofs of BKR ČR, Ltd. Company

Petr Radoch
BKR ČR, Ltd.,
Vyškov-Předměstí, Czech Republic


Fulfill of cGxP (current GMP/GDP) requirements, increase of the capacities, The Energy Efficiency, and the use of Renewables (by Technical, Engineering, Scientific and Managerial Innovations)

Toni Srbinoski
Alkaloid AD,
Skopje, North Macedonia

 Workshop C

Air Conditioning and Cooling        

  Moderation: Margarita Puente, Madrid, Spain (ESCAN SA)

RBAL Data Centre Room Cooling System Optimisation

Ergi Kadiu
Raiffeisen Bank Albania,
Tirana, Albania


Intelligent Management Systems for AirConditioning in Super Markets AB Vasilopoulos

Giorgos Karampatos
AB Vassilopoulos,
Athens, Greece


Cooling optimization

Dimitrios Dalavouras
General Refrigeration,
Egaleo, Greece

Workshop D

Compressed Air

  Moderation: Georgios Theodorakis, German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Athens, Greece
(German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

New ISO 11011 for Compressed Air Audits – Energy Efficiency – Examples from various Projects

Theodoros Giamakidis
Green Air Energy,
Keratsini, Greece

  Energy efficient compressed air
Erwin Ruppelt
Kaeser Kompressoren SE,
Coburg, Germany

Compressed air in P.I. “Vitaminka” a.d.

Metodija Bogeski
P.I. “Vitaminka” a.d.,
Prilep, North Macedonia

 Workshop E

Digitalization and Industry 4.0       

  Moderation: Sonja Starnberger, Vienna, Austria (Energieinstitut der Wirtschaft GmbH)

Energy Efficiency Management in a small hospital in Brazil

Patrício Junqueira
Santa Casa de Igarapava Hospital,
Igarapava, Brazil


Energy efficiency in Insulation in Curing Ovens in Isover Plant

Juan José Orta
Saint-Gobain Isover,
Guadalajara, Spain


Smart Building Management – a modern approach to data-handling

Jutta Rasel
denkstatt & enertec GmbH,
Vienna, Austria


Deutsch-Griechische Industrie- und Handelskammer
(AHK Griechenland)
Prof. Dr. Athanassios Kelemis, Alexandra Tavlaridou
Dorileou 10-12 | GR-115 21 Athen
Tel. +30 210 641 9000 | Fax +30 210 644 5175
E-Mail: a.tavlaridou@ahk.com.gr | www.griechenland.ahk.de



This conference has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 785032.

General information

This conference is an important element of the EU funded project “EUREMnext – Taking European Energy Manager to next efficiency levels by implementing energy audit recommendations” that was launched on the 1st of March 2018. The aim of this 36-months project is the expansion of the established EnergyManager Training concept to another six European countries. The training offers through practical projects the implementation of efficiency measures and a perfect preparation for the introduction of the energy management system ISO 50001.

For the first time Greece will host the 10th edition of the Internationl EUREM Conference focused on the preparation and implementation of energy-saving projects in companies and organizations. The German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce identifies energy among its priority pillars, acting as a bridge between the German expertise and the needs and potential of the Greek market. As a dedicated member of the EUREM Training Network since 2006 and a partner of the EUREMnext project, the German Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce will be hosting and organizing the Conference with a high sense of responsibility and excellence. As a highlight of the conference, the prestigious EUREM Award 2020 will be awarded for the best energy-saving projects implemented within the 27 countries part of the EUREM courses.

The aim of the conference is to inform enterprises about the latest findings in the implementation of corporate energy-saving projects. The main emphasis will be placed on presenting examples taken directly from concrete projects. Thus, in  Athens, participants will have the unique opportunity to meet with foreign experts who have long experience in the field of energy efficiency.
Within five thematic workshops taking place over two days, the latest findings in the field and interesting examples will be introduced. Additionally, around 15 specific, already implemented projects will be presented to the participants. The thematically intertwined workshops will enable the participants not only to deal with specific questions, but at the same time gain an overview from an energy auditor’s perspective.